Who am I? I like to explore the grey areas.

I’m not going to answer that in just one post.  Nor could I comprehensively answer it over the internet.  But, it might be useful to say that this article definitely resonated with me, but with caveats.  I’m not a regular Huffington Post reader, but I saw this pop up as it relates to cycling, and ways of thinking: both keen interests of mine.

Frankly, I have many friends I would consider to be “black or white” type folks with little tolerance for “grey areas”.  And they’re very effective people.  And, well, I think I’m moderately effective as well (some things more than others, surely).  My contention: I don’t think its accurate to claim “the world needs less/more black/white thinking.”  Rather, the world works fairly well because we have a diverse approach to thinking.

Now, on to the caveats… well, I may mention those as time goes on.

Good God, I hope writing about racing/training experiences is more interesting than this rambling.

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I started a blog.

For many reasons and for none, I’m starting a blog.  Expect topics to range from bike racing & training to professional consulting/career to occasional political observations.  I get a real kick out of creative critical thinking.  Hence the blog “title.”  Although I reserve the right to change that blog title as I see fit in the future.

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