2 Races & 9 Days of MTB in CO & UT, part 1

The last 9 days have featured a whole lot of awesomeness.  Our annual spring trip to Moab & Fruita went as planned, with some new faces and new races thrown in.  Due to a larger than usual appetite for racing, it was a bit extended.

First up, Voodoo Fire in Pueblo, CO, part of the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series.

I figured it’d be a pretty chill “half marathon” race of about 35 miles on fast singletrack– I was guessing less than 3 hours, but no real reference point.  Competition was hotter than expected, guess thats what happens when you race down the road from the Olympic Training Center.  Uphill road mass start, I got away with a group of about 10 guys, many of whom I later discovered were pros– I discovered that on loose singletrack corners.  15 minutes in, I knew I was working harder than the other guys coming out of the corners.  I needed to ride within my limits, race smart, and maybe corner a little better: stay loose, trust my tires, look ahead, and lean– and go fast.  About 30 minutes in I was sliding sideways through a loose corner and then hooked up fast and highsided it– went over the bars and sent the bike flying– thankfully I was mostly on my own at this point, but it would have been an awesome picture.  Got up, caught my breathe, bike’s ok, I’m bloody but functional– press on.  I rode much more conservatively– this was the first day of a week vacation of mountain biking world class singletrack.  Sure enough, I quickly cut a tire sidewall.  Threw in a tube, rode 50 yards when the tube blew the tire off the bead and I managed to roll the bare wheel on rocks and damage the rim tape.  I had no more tubes, barely any CO2 left, and I was about as far from the car as I could get.  I bushwacked back to an aid station, got a tube and a pump, and rode my bloody knees back to car.  Bummer– after some good luck in Arkansas & Clinton Lake, today was not my day.

The following 7 days of riding in Moab, Fruita, and Grand Junction were not without some crashes, sprains, and twists.  Knee pads on the downhill runs definitely saved me (further injury) in a few spots.

Fortunately, I’d get my good race luck back for the Mountain States Cup Rabbit Valley Rally in Fruita on May 1.  But more on that in part 2…

I sure hope I remember how to put on a suit & tie tomorrow morning… since I flew straight from Grand Junction to Wilmington, DE to work with a client Tues & Wednesday.  Here goes…


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