Ryan’s Semi-annual Race Report

Ha, so my blog still works.  That’s a good thing because it appears that 2011 may bring some good stories, with good friends.

There’s a lot of good friends, good shops, and good group rides in Omaha.  Nonetheless, I’m sporting some new team colors this year.  These are the guys I train, travel, and race with so much, it just made sense.  Also, a bike purchased from John Rokke last fall with a few upgrades.  

My 2010-2011 off season was not one for the record books.  Well, maybe for certain reasons, but not for disciplined, relentless, structured training.  Last fall, I voluntarily took 6+ weeks off the bike– for reasons worthy of a separate post.  Also racked up nearly over 2 dozen hotel stays in November through January as work picked up.  Late January I was wondering whether this season would be a step backwards.

Maybe I did something right in February & March.

I blew out the cobwebs on March 12 at the Hot Springs Spa City Extreme 6 Hour MTB event, with a few good buddies.  I’m bringing even more friends next year– mark your calendars.  With so many teams mixed in, I had no idea how I did.  The next day we returned to the venue to discover I had placed 2nd in Men 30-39 with Mike Miles in 4th, and I was 10th overall!  Full results made Cyclingnews.

Twin Bing, was well, good.  But a road race, nonetheless.  Having a a lot of teammates made it that much more interesting and exciting. But nothing newsworthy.

Next up: after a wet and rainy week, the trails at Clinton Lake dried up wonderfully for the BoneBender in Lawrence, KS.

Great traction.  I got into the trees in top ten, moved up a few spots, then a few more, and came into my last bottle pick-up right behind Bill Stolte, one lap to go.  He had to add air, so I took off.  I saw him jump back on course about 80 yards behind me.  I knew if I could get into the rocks ahead of him I could probably get out of sight.  It worked.  I rode my last lap pretty hard, but saving a surge in case he caught me.  At the end, I had put about 2 minutes over him on last lap to take 2nd place in the Cat 1 Men 3 Hour.  Thrilled.

My one & only Rox made this her first MTB race since last July, when she broke her scapula.  And in late December she had surgery on tendons in her forearm.  It was a heckuva course to test the surgeons handiwork.  Super proud of her, she had a good safe ride, finishing 3rd in Cat 1 Women 3 Hour.

Big props to a number of friends that started to have a great race but suffered flats.  This race gave me additional confidence in running super low tire pressures.  Much more mtb racing to come, fellas.

Next up: Voodoo Fire in Pueblo, CO; a week of riding in Fruita & Moab, chased with the Rabbit Valley Rally Mountain States Cup race.  Oh, and more frequent blog updates.  Maybe.  Thanks Bryan for the positive peer pressure; and free podium shirt (only available with TrekFest coupon, limit one* per customer).

*I have been informed that said podium shirt may be used for more than one podium finish– let’s hope.

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3 Responses to Ryan’s Semi-annual Race Report

  1. RD says:

    well done ryan. I thin the wider rims might be in order for next year 😀

  2. E.O'B. says:

    Podiums minus blog posts equals ridicule. So, you done good on BOTH counts.

  3. DavidR says:

    um, did Jesus beat you in the sprint or what?

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