Week’s Training

Training the week of Aug 23rd was feeling pretty stellar.  To my surprise, coach Jason told me this week’s weightlifting was going to be only with bodyweight.  So my usual Tuesday squats and lunges wouldn’t fry the legs as much as is typical for a build week.  Guess that means I’m tapering for the Dakota 50 over Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday I was a bit surprised how much I was feeling my weightlifting from Tuesday, considering I only used body weight.  I guess doing 80+ squats you’ll feel it regardless.

With brief access to a power meter, Wednesday’s workout was pyramid intervals.  This is partially to test endurance at threshold output, and to identify point of failure.  Of the two 25 minute sets, back in mid-July I hit failure point in the middle of the second set.  Now, it had been hot, I was probably dehydrated, and my 45 minute warm up may have been a bit much.  We’ll never know.  But there was definitely a point where power during the intervals fell from 310 to not much over 280.  This time it would be different.

Wednesday the 25th I was able to consistently hold just over FTP as required through every interval, even a bit more than I expected, holding 325w for 5 mins with little problems.  Finished the last interval strong, pushing 400w for 60 secs, and with a 15 minute cool down I was feeling good about progress.

And Thursday, the legs were good & fried– I guess that’s what happens when you ride over FTP/z5 for 50+ minutes of a 100min workout.  Coach’s next instructions were pretty clear.  Thursday off, Friday 1 hour of spinning/race preparation.But, ya see, Thursday is TNR, even though its been a bit weak this year, its still tradition.  So I went out for 3 laps at Tranquility with good friends, and keeping the pace in z2 with only brief forays into z3.  I took Friday off instead, much to do to get the bike ready, answer racer/promoter questions, etc. That’ll make me fresh for Saturday, right?  With those awesome intervals on Wednesday, and that clear feeling of progress, I’ll be ready to rock it.


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Consultant, trainer, analyst @Gallup. Bike racer, promoter, organizer. Traveler. Learner. Idea Generator. Futurist. Primal Eater.
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