I wonder

if anyone I know has ever been part of a focus group regarding urinal design.  Having travelled through many an airport and nearly every rest stop on I-80 8 I-70, between Omaha & Utah, I feel rather qualified.


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Consultant, trainer, analyst @Gallup. Bike racer, promoter, organizer. Traveler. Learner. Idea Generator. Futurist. Primal Eater.
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One Response to I wonder

  1. brady says:

    After you cover the lower 48, I’d like to read your perspective of the world’s urinal/toilet design. Asia’s got some very interesting ones. For example, in Kuala Lampur’s Petronas towers, I encountered a traditional squat toilet (a hole in the floor with porcelain skid treads for the feet) mated to an auto-flush mechanism. The best of both worlds. Awesome!

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